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Expect to Win



Monte Holm

His early years were marked with deep financial and emotional challenges; losing his dad at age 14, running away from home at 16, the struggle to find work in the construction industry. But when he discovered the financial industry while in college and began helping others build their financial independence, that's when his own fortunes turned around.

Little more than a decade later, Holm had become a successful industry leader and went on to become a Co-Founder of a world class international financial services organization with tens of thousands of independent associates throughout the United States and Canada. He shares his passion and secrets for effective planning and preparation, focused self-development, precise management of time and his strategies for building a successful life and business.

Monte was awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree from Utah Tech University where he and his wife were named to their Hall of Fame.

He has served on corporate boards, as a trustee for charitable organizations, including co-founder and board member of a regional bank, reinsurance companies, and years with the U.S. Army Command & General Staff College Foundation.

Monte authored the book, “Expect to Win” and is asked regularly, along with Lisa, to speak at universities, business events, conventions, seminaries and charities.

He and Lisa currently live in the St. George, Utah.

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Coaching & Consulting

Life and Business

Monte has spent his entire career mentoring and coaching driven dreamers and achievers. He has done what he teaches others to do. He and his wife, Lisa, have hosted hundreds of retreats and boot camps for thousands of leaders at their mountain ranch and other locations around the world, teaching practical principles on balance, priorities and winning.

  • He teaches that you will not out earn your own self-development.
  • That financial success is shallow without your two higher priorities being in place, faith and family.
  • He helps leaders develop a balanced priority approach to expectations and winning.
  • He believes that Happiness, Peace and Prosperity are a byproduct of self-respect and self-esteem.
  • He brings clarity to the personal disciplines that fuel self-respect and self-esteem.
Monte Holm coaching and consulting


Creating Life Changing Events

“More of the same simply gives you, more of the same”. “If nothing changes, nothing changes” Monte (and Lisa periodically) is willing to speak at focused events, retreats and boot camps to help leaders identify and embrace decisive and meaningful change and make it your best friend.

No one is given a good life or a bad life. we are given a life.
It is up to us individually to make it good or bad.

- Author Unknown

Monte Holm speaking at event
Expect To Win book - Monte Holm




Unfortunately, most people, in life and in business, approach new endeavors expecting to fail but hoping to surprise themselves and win. Well, listen up! Success comes as no surprise to those who succeed. These people win because they plan to succeed and prepare themselves to succeed in everything they do.

Monte Holm is one of those success stories, and he shares his Strategy for Reverse Engineering Your Life to help you unlock your potential and achieve your dreams and goals. You can implement the same strategy, concepts and techniques that Monte used to transform himself from humble beginnings as a farmer's son into the global entrepreneur and business leader he is today.

Monte Holm is an inspiring, visionary leader who knows that it takes both smart planning and hard work to accomplish your personal and professional goals. Expect to Win demonstrates the need to firmly set your aims and objectives and then reverses engineer the steps necessary to get you there. His Success Pipeline analogy is a helpful tool to assist you in managing the process required to reach your objectives of happiness, peace of mind, and prosperity.

Clayton Boardman

Managing member, The Vireo Group, LLC

Monte Holm is a master teacher, storyteller, and motivator! His book Expect to Win is inspiring, engaging, and highly practical. Monte draws on his years of entrepreneurial experience and shares his powerful insights and teachings for achieving personal and professional success. I'm sure you will agree that Expect to Win is a great read and a practical guide for leaders at all levels in their careers.

Douglas M. Wood

Author, speaker, and former executive consultant, Franklin Covey

What differentiates Expect to Win is its author and the incredible results he has produced with these strategies in his own life. Monte Holm’s personal life and business story is one of the most compelling I’ve observed in my business career. I’ve watched him make his life a masterpiece, and now he shares the recipe for his world-class achievements. Having been a friend and colleague of Monte for three decades, I know for a fact that he lives these principles and strategies. He has walked the walk and achieved unparalleled success. Every single step in this book has been taken by Monte in his own journey. He is a servant-leader and truly makes a difference in people’s lives by giving them the tools they need to win. Expect to Win is a step-by-step guide to making your destiny a reality.

Ed Mylett

Renowned Author, Speaker, Business Leader

I have known Monte Holm for years. We’ve worked and traveled together. We’ve planned and prayed together. I know him to be a man of integrity with a laser-sharp focus honed from years of implementing the strategy you now have access to in Expect to Win. His reverse engineering strategy is a clear and straightforward method of defining and achieving your goals. It works. Monte is living proof.

Hyrum W. Smith

Cofounder of Franklin Covey and creator of the world-renowned Franklin Planner

Expect to Win is captivating! Thanks Monte, for sharing your simple, down-to-earth approach for determining what you want in life and how you can attain it. I found myself asking, “What might I have accomplished had I put these life stretching principles to work long ago?” Although I now find myself in life’s senior bracket, I realize it’s not too late to change and reverse engineer my life from this point forward. I am excited to share this powerful message with my children and employees to give them the insight to fix the gaps in their lives and be more comfortable in their own skin.

Stephen W. Wade

Stephen Wade Auto Centers
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