Little money, almost losing his home and the struggle to find work in the construction industry marked the early years for Holm and his wife, Lisa. But when he discovered the financial services industry while he was in college, he began helping families build financial futures, and that's when his own family's fortunes turned around.

Little more than 25 years later, Holm finds himself as one of the top leaders of World Financial Group, a financial services marketing organization with independent associates throughout the United States and Canada, with an eye on other international markets. He is more than willing to share his experience and strategies for building a successful business, as well as his passion for helping families become financially independent and realize their dreams.


Holmstead Family Ranch

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EXPECT TO WINA Strategy for Reverse Engineering Your Life

Unfortunately, most people, in life and in business, approach new endeavors expecting to fail but hoping to surprise themselves and win. Well, listen up! Success comes as no surprise to those who succeed. These people win because they plan to succeed and prepare themselves to succeed in everything they do.

Monte Holm is one of those success stories, and he shares his Strategy for Reverse Engineering Your Life to help you unlock your potential and achieve your dreams and goals. You can implement the same strategy, concepts and techniques that Monte used to transform himself from humble beginnings as a farmer's son into the global entrepreneur and multi-millionaire he is today.

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